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Termites are invasive pests that feed on wires and wood. It is imperative to get rid of termites. They can cause significant property damage that will require expensive repairs. That’s why many people choose to obtain termite treatment and professional pest control services to get rid of all signs of termites.

Most of the time, DIY solutions on the market don’t work to eradicate termites from your surroundings. Hence, the experts perform termite control by using specific solutions and the most effective among them are listed below after the ideal tips.

Four Things You Can Do Before A Termite Treatment!

Getting a quality termite treatment is a bit simple if certain things are in place prior to when the crew arrives. Be sure to adhere to the appropriate precautions and safety procedures while making the necessary arrangements:

Gather Termite Infestation Data

Begin by taking note of all places where termites were found. Then, make a note of any areas where you suspect that the termites might be present. The note should be handed to certified technicians upon their arrival to be inspected. These details will help the technicians determine the extent of the termite infestation and decide on the most appropriate treatment.

Clean Up the Place

Cleanliness makes it easier to find and get rid of termites. So, before the pest inspector arrives, get rid of all dust, webs and other particles from the area. You can also take out any furniture or appliances that might be in the same zone.

Secure Your Food Supplies

The next ideal factor that’s required for a smooth termite treatment experience is removing stale food items. Also, store any stored food items, drinks and other items away from common areas that can become an attraction to termites as well as other bugs.

By doing this, you can stop termites from infesting another area of your property and also protect your food items from being eaten by termites.

Temporarily Relocate Pets

Treatment for termites may involve the use of certain substances that could cause harm to your pet. Even if the product is safe for pets, they could be upset by the presence of strangers in your home. Ultimately, having pets around certified technicians might create a disturbance, so please relocate them temporarily.

Best Pest Control Services For Effective Termite Removal

Controlling termite infestations using correct solutions can significantly impact the solution’s longevity. For instance, an improperly placed barrier against termites might not be able to keep the termites away for lengthy periods. Therefore, professional termite removal and inspection technicians use the following methods to remove the termites.

Termite Dust

It is among the widely used methods for eliminating termites from outdoor and indoor areas. Still, it is comparatively more time-consuming to obtain results from termite dust (3 weeks). However, it can safeguard your valuable assets like furniture and antiques. But, a dust termite treatment isn’t as effective when there are too many termites and humid conditions.

Termite Foams

Another best method to remove termites from a property is to make use of termite foam treatment. This method is recommended when termites have invaded a wall cavity. Professionals will use termite foam to eliminate termites that have spread across large areas. It is important to remember that termite treatment may take up to three weeks to produce the expected results.

Termite Baits

The use of termite baits is one of the top and most efficient solutions to exterminate different termite species in large quantities. It is done by putting a slow-acting insecticide within the baits, which the termites carry into their nests. The termite queen is eliminated along with the nest’s mates as time passes.

Liquid Termite Barriers

It’s sometimes referred to as termite soil treatment, which safeguards the property by working from beneath the ground. Providing this treatment requires digging up the ground and then putting termite-control substances into the soil before covering it again.

This option is only suitable when the boundary or construction of your property is not closely neighbouring another construction. Typically, it’s the best option among all the termite treatments.

Common Problems in Offering Liquid Termite Treatments

As we’ve previously mentioned, treatment for soil termites can fail when the perimeter is breached. Similarly, the effectiveness of liquid termite barriers is affected by a number of other factors, as described below:

Construction Slabs

Concrete slabs are among the most reliable structures to support construction and can also be used to construct termite barriers made of liquid. But, the situation is different and unsuitable for termite soil treatment if construction is on piers, split levels or sloping blocks.

Flawed Construction

A joint that is left untreated between two or three concrete slabs is the best illustration of faulty construction. It is usually taken care of in the initial construction phase of the new buildings. However, it’s commonly discovered in older houses or buildings. The best option in such instances is to apply an insecticide to avoid weakening the construction.

Soil and Other Troubles

The liquid termite barrier can fail if the structure is constructed on clay soil or on soil with higher gravel substance. Consequently, termite baits are the best option for such areas to remove them and prevent their re-entry. Similarly, for sloppy construction locations, termite baits can perform effectively.

Final Words

Customers who use professional termite control services live happier lives and are more satisfied with the treatment outcomes. The truth is simple: professional pest removal treatments will always outperform DIY solutions in terms of consistency while never subjecting your safety to risks.


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