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Few tasks around your home have a one-and-done solution. From the never-ending chore of cleaning (if you’re a parent or a pet owner, you know this all too well) to the laundry list of renovations and repairs that should’ve gotten done last year, it takes real-life superpowers to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to keeping up with your house. 

At Bye Bye Pest Control serving Arana hills, Samford, Stafford, Ferny Grove, the last thing we want to do is to add more assignments to your docket—but we need to remind you of one task that sometimes gets pushed to the back burner until it’s too late: pest control.

In Brisbane Australia, pests don’t seem to take a break throughout the year. As new pests roll into town with the changing seasons, they are on the hunt for safe places to shack up, eat, and mate—and your home can provide the perfect conditions to do so.

While professional pest control can help remedy an ongoing infestation, scheduling regular pest control treatments throughout the year can keep you proactively protected while preventing the gamble of DIY pest control. (Fewer chores and less stress? Time for a big sigh of relief.)

But just how often should pest control be done at your house? And what pests should you be worried about throughout the Brisbane?


When it comes to regularly scheduled pest control, we suggest having your home treated once a quarter or every two to three months. And for good reason! General pest control—including treatments for pests like antsspidersrodentsroachessilverfishearwigs, and fleas—can become ineffective after a few months go by, which could leave your space exposed to incoming pests.

With quarterly treatments from Bye Bye Pest, you’ll be in a better position to safeguard your house from pests no matter what type of property you have or its location.


Graphic illustration featuring Lloyd Pest Control technicians performing inspection in kitchen.

During each treatment, one of our field-experienced pest technicians will monitor hot-spot areas for changes in pest activity. Even if pests aren’t directly visible, we will create environmentally-friendly pest control barriers—including sprayed applications and/or rodent traps that are pet-friendly—to guard your home against common pests all year long.


If you’ve experienced a termite infestation in the past, our Termite Protection Plan is an annual program that will ensure termites don’t find their way back into your home. Available to customers whose properties received a whole structure treatment or a clean bill-of-wood-health from Bye Bye Pest , our protection plan is a transferable and subterranean termite guarantee that lasts the lifetime of your home and includes:

  • A free annual inspection to ensure we’re keeping termites away.
  • Early detection of termites and wood-destroying invaders so we can help stop problems before they take hold of your home.
  • Prompt eradication treatments for any termites that try to settle in your home. Even if it becomes necessary to fumigate your home again, we will provide this service at no charge.

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